Badge holders

High quality badge holders

Our name badges are always made from sturdy, durable and high-quality materials. That's why we can guarantee our customers products of high quality!

Product variety

Whether it's name badges, congress ID badges, transparent ID badges without fastening or name badges without enclosed attachment. Plastikor has a large assortment, everything your heart desires.

Plastikor as manufacturer and supplier

Due to the permanently low prices, the customers of Plastikor benefit from an excellent price-performance ratio. Our excellent price-performance ratio together with our fast delivery times make us your reliable partner!

Enjoy of a successful business through our name badges!

Making connections and building bridges between you and strangers is done easily by using name badges. This is of utmost importance for having a successful business. Therefore, the plastic name badges have become an integral part of the business world, providing professional equipment and appearance.
Name badge holders serve professional use in any situation!

ID badge holders as a smart companion

ID cards are nowadays a standard medium at trade fairs, events, seminars and congresses. With the sophisticated ID badge holders from Plastikor, you not only protect your ID card against dirt or damage, but they also represent professionalism. This makes our badges a helpful instrument. Through our extensive assortment, one can find a suitable ID badge holder for each and every purpose.

Paper inserts

For all of our name badges (as well as group separators and name badge holders)!
With our A4 printing sheets, you can quickly and easily print your name or company logo on paper inserts, while saving you a lot of time.

Name badges with clip and needle

Nametags with clips and needles have become an indispensable part of the business world. As a classic companion, name badge holders discreetly and professionally open doors to your business success. Through professional name badges, you will get into contact faster with business partners and colleagues. This is essential for a successful exchange.

ID badges and name badges with safety pin

Name badge holders are your loyal companion at events, fairs and seminars. They enable you and your customers to find the right contact person straight away!

Name badges with suspender clips

Don’t you want to damage your clothes when wearing name badges and ID badges? Then the name badges with suspender clips are just right for you. Thanks to the simple clip mechanism, you are able to carry your name or ID visibly with you while wearing your clothes.

Cold laminated ID badge holders

Protect your ID and name badges optimally from rain and dirt with the cold laminated ID card holders. The cold laminated ID card holders save you a lot of money on a laminator - it's that easy to laminate!

ID badges to hang around your neck

Badge holders are not only a practical companion at fairs, congresses and events, but they look great too! The neck cord guarantees a flexible use and comfortable fit.

Name badges with magnetic clip

The strong magnet of our name badges do not only protect your clothing against damage by the nametag but also prevents the name badge from slipping. This results in you having more time to focus on conversations, contacts, and always presenting yourself from your best side.

ID badges with coloured bars

Does your company have several departments, whose employees have to be easily distinguished and recognized? This is no problem with the badge holders containing a coloured bar. Simply by assigning each department with a separate colour, you not only bring fancy colours into the environment but also system and order into your corporation.

Injection-molded ID badge holders

With a scratched bank or credit card, you won't get far, unfortunately. Luckily, this does not happen with our injection-molded badge holders!
Scratches in cards do not happen hardly as often while using Plastikor’s ID badges and name badge holders made from injection molding! The sensitive cards are optimally protected against scratches and dirt by the robust covers. This way, nothing could happen to your cards!

ID badges without mounting

Do you prefer suspenders clips for the first upcoming seminar, but you need magnets for the event afterward? No problem! With the nametags without attachment, all attachment options are open! Vary as often as you need and want.

Stapler style slot punch

Would you like to decide for yourself how many holes you want to give to your ID badges or name badges?
No problem!
This can be easily done with Plastikor's stapler style slot punch.

Top organized with practical distribution facilities

In terms of business, you want to cover all the bases.
Do you travel a lot and prefer to carry your name badges and ID badges neatly, safely and within easy reach? Then the distribution facilities in the case and in the box are just right for you!

Practical single accessories from Plastikor

Do you still need the right attachment for your name badge holders?
Whether you prefer clips with crocodile brackets, loose suspender clips, synthetic yo-yos or magnets - you will get everything at Plastikor!

Table nametags

For a professional appearance in your office or during a meeting, we offer table name badges in a simple design without unnecessary trappings. Hence, your company and your name is presented in simple elegance at the next conference or exhibition!

Cold laminating foils

Laminate a card WITHOUT a laminator? Plastikor makes it possible!
With Plastikor's self-adhesive laminating foils, this is not a problem anymore. Simply insert your name badge, your ID card or any other document, press it all down and the representative badge or name badge is made quickly.

Plastikor's Lanyards

With Plastikor's lanyards, wearing a badge holder is child's play!