Punched pockets

Popular punched pockets from Plastikor

Since we are the direct manufacture of our punched pockets, we use our knowledge and experience to fabricate high quality punched pockets.
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  2. L-folders
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  3. Punched pockets
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  4. Wire-O-covers
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  7. Report covers
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Quality punched pockets from Plastikor

The punched pockets developed for ring binders have the perforated holes on the right side of the portrait format. The punched pockets are available in two editions:
1. Punched pockets made of PP foil. This is the light version.
2. Punched pockets made of PVC foil. This version is a heavier high-quality version.


We have L-folders in any colour or transparent. You can choose between the qualitative PVC version and the propylene (PP) version. These L-folders protect all your valuable documents against external influences like rain. Now you can show your documents at any time.

Report covers

Our report covers have always an opening on the right side. This means you can easily stow your document in the report cover and protect them against the external environment such as dirt.

Punched pockets for easel presenter binders

These punched pockets are ideal for stowing your documents in an easel presenter binder.
Punched pockets are available in a portrait and landscape format.

PP punched pockets

Our PP punched pockets are available in the sizes: A3, A4 and A5. The format is available in landscape and portrait. These pockets are also provided with a white reinforcing strip and are anti-static.

PVC punched pockets

With our PVC punched pockets you can safely file and protect your documents. The robust material (PVC) offers a good shield against external influences and is offered in the sizes A3, A4, A5 and A6.

Punched pockets, L-folders and covers

Our punched pockets, L-folders and covers are in stock available:
When you order these products today before 5 pm, it will be shipped the same day and usually delivered within 2 days.

Wire-O punched pockets

If you prefer punched pockets or transparent covers without perforated holes or with perforated holes. Then we recommend our Wire-O punched pockets.

Sheet protectors for voluminous contents

The Kangaroo catalogue folding bag in A4 size is made of 100% recycled, clear PVC.
The volume capacity is up to 20 mm.
The short front side of the sheet protector contains the opening, which allows easy and quick access of all your documents. These sheet protectors are compatible with 2 and 4 rings and American rings.