Enjoy of easy packaging with the products from Plastikor!

  1. Grip seal bags for shipping
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  2. Packing list envelopes
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  3. Ziplock bags
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  4. Grip seal bag with euro hole
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  5. Header bags
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  6. Zipper polybag
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  7. Protection plan bag
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  8. Folding cartons
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  9. American boxes
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  10. Stretch foil
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  11. Manual stretch wrapper
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  12. Tape
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  13. Tape Dispenser
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High-quality products from Plastikor

With these packaging products, it's easy to ship your commodity. We provide you with ziplock bags, stretch foils, shipping boxes or header bags. At Plastikor, you will get every packaging material for your next packaging.

There is something for everyone!

In this category, you can find a big assortment of packaging products. All of our products contain high quality and are made with our modern machines.

Folding box

With the folding boxes from Plastikor, duct tape has become redundant.

Packing list envelopes

You can get packing list envelopes in a transparent edition or with a red imprint on it. Plastikor produces this product in many different sizes and editions. Keep your documents safe and protect them against water and dirt during shipment.

Manual stretch wrapper

Manual stretch wrappers are in store too. These are the ultimate companions to easily wrap pallets or cartons. Now you will be able to ship many boxes as one compartment without the annoying assemblage.

Stretch foil

Stretch foil is perfect equipment when using a manual stretch wrapper. Combine the order and get them both here.

Grip seal bags for shipping

Grip seal bags for shipping are perfect for catalogues, documents and postcards. These bags protect the inserts against water, dirt and other external influences.

Grip seal bags with euro slot

Are you looking for grip seal bags with a euro slot? - don't look further!
These grip seal bags with a euro slot are perfect for the storage of small, single products like screws, beads and coins. In regard to its euro slot, it's easy to hang this bag. Now you will be able to work more efficiently since you don’t have to search for your small, single product such as a screw.

Header bag with euro slot

Our header bag with a euro slot is available in 2 sizes. The header bags have a clap with an adhesive close. That's why it's possible to use this bag more than once. Besides, being able to reuse is better for the environment too!