Ring binders & accessories

Ring binders, multi ring binders and accessories

In this category, you can find everything about ring binders and all its accessories.
Are you looking for tabs or multi ring binders?
We produce all these products in-house. That's why we are able to fulfil and realize your individual wishes.
  1. PVC ring binders with pockets
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  2. Coloured PVC ring binders
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  3. PP ring binders
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  4. Multi ring binders
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  5. PVC ring binders - landscape
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  6. PVC A3 ring binder
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  7. PVC folder
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  8. Ring binder with slipcase
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  9. Dividers
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  10. Punched pockets
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  11. Binding covers
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  12. Compressor bar for ring binders
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  13. Adjustable hole punch
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  14. Shipping boxes
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High-quality products from Plastikor: ring binders, maps & accessories

Since many years, Plastikor is an expert in manufacturing ring binders and its accessories. You will only get high-quality products, which are manufactured according to the wishes of our customers. Furthermore, you can decide between many colours at low prices!

Special order? No problem!

Nearly everyone needs ring binders. In school, during your job and/or during your private everyday life. Ring binders provide easy storage of all your documents, photos and/or personal memories.

Your creativity won’t be limited when we manufacture your personal ring binder according to your wishes.
Do you prefer a special ring binder with more storage, storage for labels or CD covers?
No problem at all. Just contact us by e-mail to get professional advice for your dream ring binder.

Everything is possible

Our customers love our PVC ring binders. These ring binders are functional due to the storage space in the front, back and spine. You can order the PVC ring binders in many different performances, sizes and colours.

Modern machines allow permanently low prices

High-quality products at low prices? Sure! Plastikor is where you should be.
Our modern machines make it possible to get your qualitative personal ring binder for as cheap as €1.66 each!

Full-colour print

Do you need a personal print? No problem! Get your print on your ring binders with our full-colour printers. Just send your personal brand through e-mail to get professional advice.

Low-priced ring binders

High quality - low prices!
You can order our ring binders in 17 colours.
Ring binders are perfect for the storage of all your documents. Our modern machines make it possible to sell our ring binders at low prices.

PP ring binders

Let your office glow with PP ring binders from Plastikor.
Only here! Ring binders in many different sizes and colours!
Put an end to the boring standard products and get a new, innovative design in your office!

PVC ring binders with pockets

Your personal, functional companion in your everyday life. PVC ring binders with pockets! Now you don't have any excuses for loose papers anymore.

Coloured PVC ring binders

Get your high-quality, coloured ring binders without extra space for storage.
File, organize, protect or archive - no more loose sheets!

PVC A3 ring binders

Do you believe that size doesn't matter? We will convince you of the opposite!
With our PVC ring binder in A3 size, you’re able to enjoy even perfect organisation of your biggest documents and papers! The ring binder is made of PVC and they are available in different sizes, colours and performances. Furthermore, there are pockets in the front and in the back.

PVC ring binders (landscape orientation)

Only here, you will get PVC ring binders in landscape alignment!
Our products are made of special, high-quality materials to make them a durable, long-lasting and a functional companion in everyday life.

PVC folders

These folders are made of high-quality PVC.
That's why our products are long-lasting!
You can order our folders in different performances.

Ring binder with slipcase

Store your ring binders and maps in our functional slipcases.
Can't you find the product you need?
Just contact us for a special order.


Only here! The best selection of registers.
The registers of Plastikor are made of polypropylene and the material has a thickness of 0.13 mm.

Shipping boxes

Dispatch your ring binders in special shipping boxes for ring binders!
Optimize shipping with our shipping boxes in three different sizes.

PVC cover sheets A3 and A4

We produce our low-priced, high-quality cover sheets with a strength of 300 micron.

Binder clip compressor bar

Do you need a binder clip compressor bar for your ring binders? Then you are here at the right place!
Use our binder clip compressor bar made of metal for every ring binder, map and folder.


Are you in need of holes in your paper, but don't have the right perforator?
No problem with our perforator made of aluminium and adjustable stamps!