Travel relaxed with the practical products from Plastikor

We have also developed special and practical products suitable for traveling. Whether you need bus signs, information boards, information binders, clipboard folders, luggage tags, passport covers or ticket covers – we have it all!
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  2. Ticket covers
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  3. Passport wallet
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  4. Clear book covers
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  5. Clipboard folder
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  6. Information binder
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  7. Information board
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  8. Bus signs
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Are you ready for your next journey? Let us help you!

Be perfectly equipped with the products from Plastikor. We have a wide variety of practical products, which will improve your way of travelling. It does not matter if you need bus signs, information binders, luggage tags, passport- or ticket covers. With these products, you are ready for your next journey!

Products for tourism - an eye-catcher!

Not interested in a standard dull product? Personalize your product with a beautiful and or practical print. Plastikor provides high-quality products with a full-colour print. It's not only a fancy eye-catcher but also perfect for advertising purposes.

Luggage tags

Do you want to use luggage tags for advertising purposes too?
With a printed company design on your luggage tags, you will definitely create higher recognition around the world!

Passport covers

Get your personal print on your passport covers!
Do you have enough of boring passport covers? Go for a personal print of high quality on your passport cover.
Please, contact us by mail to get a print according to your wishes.

Ticket covers

Plastikor manufactures high-quality ticket covers made of PVC foil. Transparent or coloured, printed or clean - don't look further - Plastikor has everything you need.

Information binders

Available in our standard colours. Contact us if you prefer another colour.
The full-colour print will be placed on the front and on the spine of the binder.

Clipboard folders

Plastikor manufactures clipboard folders in every colour and in every size. When requested, we easily imprint your personal design.

Information boards

At Plastikor, you will get cheaply priced information boards. Go for a personal imprint and you will be sure that they are an absolute eye-catcher!

Bus signs

Plastikor manufactures bus signs made of solid plastic. Solid plastic is a robust material, which will not lose its colour even when put in a warm environment or by direct sunlight.