Binding & finishing material

Practical binding- and finishing material from Plastikor

We produce binding and finishing material in a high quality and sell them at low prices. Since we have many products in stock you are able to benefit from our fast delivery times. Are you looking for CD holders, penholders or hook and loop fasteners in different sizes? Don't look further! You are here at the right place.
  1. Wire-O-covers
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  2. Self-adhesive file prongs
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  3. File prongs
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  4. Filling strips
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  5. Capacity pocket folder
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  6. CD holders - CD clips
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  7. Pencil holder
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  8. Ring binder mechanism
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  9. Clipboard clips
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  10. Ring binder mechanism, magnetic
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  11. Binding covers
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  12. Velcro dots
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  13. Velcro parts
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  14. Self-adhesive velcro tape
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  15. Velcro ellipses
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Article description:

Filling strips

Do you prefer to store your documents without perforating them?
We have an easy solution for you! With our transparent adhesive filling strips, 3-part mounted, there is no need for perforation anymore. Because of its self-adhesive layer, it's easy to attach all your documents into the transparent filling strip.

CD holders / CD clips

Self-adhesive CD holders / CD “clips” from Plastikor are classical, made of hard PVC and available in different colours. These little companions are perfect to complete your folders with a digital attachment.

Pen holders

Our self-adhesive pen holders are made of plastic or metal. They are easy to mount in your ring binder or clipboard folder. This way you will never lose a pen anymore while using your ring binder or clipboard folder.

File prongs

You can easily assemble the file prongs of Plastikor by yourself!

Hook and loop fasteners

Plastikor manufactures hook and loop fasteners (Velcro dots) in many different editions. You can get coins, ellipses, tape or single parts. Our hook and loop fasteners are available in black and white and because of its self-adhesive layer, it's easy to use.

Ring binder mechanism, magnetic

Would you like to fix your ring binder on a magnetic surface? That's easy, with our magnetic ring binder mechanism.

Wire-O sheet covers

Are you looking for sheet covers or transparent covers without perforation? We recommend our Wire-O sheet covers.

Sheet protectors for voluminous contents / capacity pocket folder

Covers for voluminous contents with 20 mm capacity. Because of the shortened front, it's easy to grab your documents. Suitable with 2 and 4 rings and American 3 rings mechanism.

Ring binder mechanism

We do not only sell finished ring binders but also sell individual ring binder mechanisms. You can get these with 2 or 4 rings or American 3 rings in more than 20 different sizes. All of our mechanics can be operated by simply clicking them in and thus ensuring quick handling in everyday work!