Desk pads

Popular desk pads from Plastikor!

We can realize every wish regarding to shape and size at a low price.
It's also possible to imprint a personal design on your desk pad.
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  3. MessagePads
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Article description:

Blotting pad with clamp

The blotting pad with clamp is ideal for writing notes down, without a proper surface.

Blotting pads for pharmacies / medicines

The blotting pad for pharmacies is specially developed for everyday use in the hospital sector. For example, these desk pads are washable and disinfectable at any time.

Desk pads

With the practical desk pads, you will protect your furniture against ugly scratches.
Do you want personalized desk pads with a company logo or other imprints?
Plastikor will manufacture it especially for you! With this option, you are able to turn any desk pad into a real eye-catcher with the personalized imprint.


A preference for individual advertisement?
The MessagePad of Plastikor is what you need!
The MessagePad is open on the right side. Herein you can insert a personal message.

Self-adhesive cover strip for desk pads

Would you like to protect the edge of a desk pad?
Then, Plastikor still is the place where you need to be.
We provide optimal edge protection in any colour you prefer or choose for the transparent edition.