Closure bags

Biggest selection of closure plastic bags - only here!

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  2. Grip seal bags for shipping
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  3. Zipper polybag
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  4. Protection plan bag
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  5. Ziplock bags
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  6. Grip seal bag with euro hole
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High quality from Plastikor

We provide many different closure bags some of them contain a zip locker or zipper. All our closure bags protect your documents during shipping against rain. Plastikor manufactures these bags in a variety of sizes and editions. Last but not least, Plastikor stands for high quality. This means you will only receive high-quality products when buying at Plastikor.

Fastest delivery time

All our closure bags are in stock. If you order this instant, you will receive your desired products within a short time!

A description of a selection from our collection

Closure bags with zip locker

Not 10, not 20, but we have more than 35 different sizes for you in-store.
Due to the practical pressure mechanism, even small parts can be stored safely in a closure bag. With the use of these closure bags, you’re sure that you won’t lose small particles anymore!

Plan covers

The plan covers with a zipper are ideal for storing plans, architectural drawings and designs. Plan covers make sure your drawings stay clean, dry and readable. In short, a durable quality product which prevents indistinctness!

Poly-zipper bag with a zipper

Our transparent poly-zipper bag, on a coloured band, helps you perfect in your professional and private life!

Grip seal bags for shipping

Our grip seal bags for shipping are mostly used for shipments. Four different sizes are available. They all contain a self-adhesive tab to allow the closing of the bag.