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Practical products for the medical world

Are you looking for penholders, pad folios or blotting pads? Don't look any further, Plastikor is the right place for you. Plastikor produces these types of products over more than 40 years, especially for the medical word.
  1. Pocket protectors
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  2. Covers for a doctor's appointment
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  3. Maternity log covers
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  4. Blotting pad with clamp
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  5. Pad folio
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  6. Folders for care records
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  7. Folders for medical records
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  8. Clipboard with hanging bracket
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Supplies for the pharmaceutical and medical world:

Our products are also useful in the pharmaceutical and medical world. Progressing smoothly in your work is very important, especially in the medical sector. The use of products like our covers for the next doctor's visit, pocket protectors or desk pads, will make your work more convenient. That’s why our products have been integrated into the everyday life of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.
In addition, you will enjoy of our low prices too!

Blotting pads for pharmacies and medicines

These blotting pads are perfectly suitable for daily life in pharmacies or working with medicines. We produce them especially for hospitals because these pads are easy to clean and disinfect.


These padfolios are also specially produced for hospitals. With these folders, it's easy to keep documents of patients well-ordered together. Our standard design includes a pocket in the left inside and a clamp on the right inside.

Blotting pad with clamp

With these practical blotting pads with clamp, it's easy to write down important information without a desk. Perfect for doctor's visits in a hospital. Because of its robust material, our blotting pads can be cleaned and disinfected easily.

Pocket protectors

With these useful pocket protectors, your pen will never make your shirt, blouse or smock dirty again.

Covers for your next doctor's visit

These covers include an extra pocket for important cards. Keep your important documents together to never miss your next doctor's visit.
Other versions of this product are also possible.
Just contact us and we will produce the product according to your wishes.