Coloured PVC ring binders

Enjoy yourself in a colourful office!

At Plastikor, you’re able to get coloured PVC ring binders without pockets in high quality!
It doesn't matter if you will use these ring binders for protection, organization or archiving – now there is no excuse anymore for loose sheets with the ring binders from Plastikor.
Why ring binders from Plastikor?
Because we are able to combine high quality with unbeatable prices!
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This is a custom order! Shipped within 2-3 days.
Note: Custom made products can not be returned or exchanged! If you are not sure, request a sample.
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Price per piece
size paper inserts width between the welds opening size
A4, combi 13 mm 20 mm 310 x 495 mm
  16 mm 26 mm 318 x 564 mm
  20 mm 30 mm 318 x 570 mm
  25 mm 35 mm 318 x 575 mm
  30 mm 42 mm 318 x 600 mm
  40 mm 52 mm 318 x 610 mm
  45 mm 60 mm 318 x 615 mm
  50 mm 68 mm 318 x 635 mm
  55 mm 68 mm 318 x 660 mm
  65 mm 90 mm 318 x 675 mm
A5, D-shape 16 mm 26 mm 225 x 420 mm
A5, round mechanism 16 mm 26 mm 230 x 400 mm
A5, D-shape 20 mm 30 mm 225 x 420 mm
  25 mm 35 mm 225 x 435 mm
  30 mm 42 mm 230 x 460 mm
  40 mm 52 mm 230 x 480 mm
  50 mm 64 mm 230 x 500 mm

Coloured ring binders are THE EYECATCHERS in your office

What couldn’t give you a better feeling than tidy filing through folders in bright colours? Bring great colours back into your office with our fancy coloured ring binders made of PVC. With over 40 different editions and designs, we’ll definitely have a suitable ring binder for everyone.

Go for an ndividual design through personal prints.

Ring binders do not only ensure smooth workflows in everyday work, they also make your office shine with chic prints. Your company's logo makes it even easier to present your documents in the ring binders. This will not only bring colour, but also order in to your filing system!
With our full-colour printers, there are no limits to the variety of designs. Our ring binders can be printed and embossed in any desired version.
Simply contact us by email for your personal print request!

Plastikor is your ring binder specialist

Our many years of professional experience result in great customer help. Our competent employees look forward to your e-mail and are delighted to advise you. Manufacturing coloured ring binders is one of our main disciplines. Nothing is impossible with us. Based on our professional experience, we will help you to get the desired design for your ring binder. Our ring binders have the highest quality you can imagine!