Eco Mousepads

Sustainable Mousepads - recycled foam layer with linen structure top layer

Discover our sustainable mouse pads, crafted from a 2 mm recycled foam layer with a linen structure top layer. Choose between a rectangular or round shape, depending on your preferences and needs.
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Manufactured from a 2mm recycled foam layer with linen structure top layer.

Discover the indispensable tool for office and remote workers: the mouse pad. Navigate with comfort and style thanks to our high-quality mouse pads, a perfect corporate gift. Our logo-printed mouse pads ensure that you remain visible to your key contacts, whether they are right- or left-handed. And why not add a personal touch with a photo on your mouse pad? Our mouse pads are printed in full color, so the possibilities are endless. In our online store, you'll find various options to customize your mouse pad.

  • • Choose between rectangular or round; upon request, we can provide any desired size.
  • • Manufactured from a 2.0 mm recycled foam layer with a linen structure top layer.
  • • Quality hard plastic with an anti-slip rubber underside.
  • • High-quality full-color printing for vibrant designs.

Whether you opt for a standard rectangular mouse pad that covers your entire workspace or have a unique shape in mind, we guarantee high-quality printing. Our mouse pads offer 2.0 mm thickness and are made from recycled foam layers with a linen structure top layer for a premium feel and optimal navigation without slipping.

Choose from rectangular mouse pads with rounded corners or opt for a custom-made round shape. Unleash your creativity when personalizing your mouse pad with a photo or logo. At Plastikor®, we digitally print in full color, resulting in sharp representation of all your colors and details.

These eco-friendly mouse pads offer:
  • • Sustainability: Manufactured from a 2 mm thick recycled foam layer, our mouse pads contribute to an environmentally friendly workspace.
  • • Linen Structure Top Layer: A high-quality top layer with linen structure for comfortable and smooth navigation.
  • • Shape Choice: Personalize your workspace with a rectangular mouse pad covering your entire desk or choose a custom-made round shape.
  • • Quality Guarantee: Our mouse pads are carefully crafted to ensure a long-lasting and high-quality user experience.