Eco clip folders

Polypropylene clip folders from our Ecoline - Robust and practical for on-the-go!

Discover the versatility of our PP clip folders from the new Ecoline by Plastikor®.
These durable folders provide a solid surface for quickly jotting down information.
Ideal for the travel industry, medical field, office environments, and more!

Personalized with your custom printing, our clip folders also serve as an ideal promotional tool.
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Clip folders with cutout 480x315mm A4

Clip folders for the travel industry: Our Eco clip folders are the perfect companion for tour guides who are constantly on the move with tourists. Specifically designed to keep documents organized and provide a stable surface for quick notes - an indispensable companion!

Clip folders for medical fields: In the hectic world of medical care and services, our Eco clip folders provide valuable support. Constantly on the go, yet able to record important information in no time.

Clip folders for office use: Offices are filled with documents and papers that need to move from point A to B. Despite the digital age, certain documents are still preserved on paper and may need to circulate among different staff members. Our Eco clip folder offers a handy, lightweight, and sturdy solution while also contributing to a sustainable workplace!