License plate booster with individual printing

License plate booster

We provide the license plate booster in three different editions: the basic version, plus version and epoxy version.

We provide the license plate booster "basic" with integrated washers, fixed advertising panel and easy clips for easy installation. This edition is the optimal all-in-one solution.

The "plus" model enables lightning-fast handling thanks to modern locking technology.

The "epoxy" license plate booster comes in the same version as the "plus" license plate holder, but also offers a 3D effect, which is achieved by means of a lettering sealed with scratch-resistant epoxy resin.

The 3D logo is available in various backgrounds, fonts, pictograms and special colours such as gold and silver. Please, feel free to request your individual offer.

All license plate boosters are UV-resistant and suitable against any weathering circumstance.
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