ID laminated holders

Rescuer in addition with rain and dirt

Your badges and your ID cards are safe with our laminated badge holders.
With these laminated badges holders, you will also save money for a hot-laminator. It can be that easy!
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Price per piece
external dimension paper inserts alignment
for credit cards, 75 x 103 mm 56 x 90 mm horizontal
for credit cards, 70 x 115 mm 56 x 90 mm vertical
A7, 80 x 118 mm 74 x 105 mm vertical
A7, 90 x 118 mm 74 x 105 mm horizontal
A6, 118 x 160 mm 105 x 148 mm vertical

Laminated badge holder in different editions

As the manufacturer of laminated badges, we can provide badges in different editions. We standardly manufacture our laminated badges with suspender clips in five different editions in portrait and landscape format. Our laminated badges are in stock.