1. Mousepads (top-selling)
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  3. Counter mats
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Top products and advertisement

Whether it is for personal or professional use, with the counter mats, MessagePads and mousepads of Plastikor you are well equipped. With a personal print, you are able to personalize these products and make them real eye-catchers and/or use it as extra advertising. For inspiration, think of personal pictures or your company logo.


A preference for individual advertisement?
The MessagePad of Plastikor is what you need!
The MessagePad or mousepad is open on the right side. Herein you can insert a personal message.

Mousepads (top-selling)

We manufacture mousepads in any colour, shape and size. Mousepads are popular in offices and at home near the computer. With an individual full-colour print of your company logo, you will advertise your company automatically with your logo.

Counter mats

The counter mat becomes your personal advertising message with the printing you want, under a sealed transparent cover layer.