USB covers

Self-adhesive USB covers!

USBs, people use them to store important information safely. To transfer digital information and photos from one device to another. USBs are transported in backpacks, bags or in a pocket of your pants. You could imagine that sometimes USBs will be damaged by external influences such as dirt, water or other harmful circumstances. We’ll help you to transport your USB safely, go for the self-adhesive covers for USBs with clap from Plastikor. The self-adhesive border is on the back.
Order at Plastikor and be able to transport your USB-stick safely!
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Price per piece
External dimension Slide-format Material
For USB stick 52 x 92 mm max. 48 x 85 mm PP (0,14 mm)
For USB business card 60 x 105 mm 55 x 100 mm PP (0,14 mm)
For SD card 52 x 58 mm max. 45 x 45 mm PP (0,14 mm)